Denver Mindfulness-Based Counseling

Denver Mindfulness-Based Counseling

Mindfulness-Based Counseling

Mindfulness-based counseling is a powerful, synergistic therapy that combines Western psychology with the philosophy and practice of mindfulness. With 20 years of experience, I offer you a space where you can discover an approach to yourself and your life that brings you more peace and joy. You learn to let go of self-limiting patterns like worry through insight-building conversations, experiential exercises, and skills training. Now you have some space to create and reinforce new, healthy patterns that are based in self-compassion and lead to real happiness. You also have space to determine where you want your life to go and how to answer the call of your potential.

I work with you to balance your existential or spiritual needs with your practical needs. It’s important to follow your heart, but it’s also essential to pay the bills. Therapy with me acknowledges your challenges as an opportunity to grow. I see each challenge not as a problem but as a part of your larger journey.

I use traditional Western techniques, like cognitive therapy. I also offer a space where you can engage in experiential healing. Having a new experience through a meditation exercise or intuitive feedback allows you to heal in ways that talking can’t. The values work we do helps you get clear on what you truly want so you can make changes in yourself or your life that allow you to live a more aligned life. Values alignment brings vitality and provides the fuel you need to achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is loving awareness of what is happening in your experience right now. It’s a meditation practice and philosophy that cultivates an open and relaxed mindset. Mindfulness enables you to see how your mind works so you can respond to yourself skillfully. Skillful responding enables you to thrive. Decades of scientific studies tell us that mindfulness helps reduce stress because it allows us to be less reactive and more proactive with life’s challenges. Mindfulness is also a perspective that helps us enjoy life.

What is Your Background in Mindfulness?

It’s a joy to teach mindfulness to my clients. I have been teaching, practicing, and studying mindfulness for two decades. I have over 100 days of silent mindfulness retreat experience. I completed the year-long Integrated Study and Practice Program at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. I am also a graduate of the year-long Mindfulness and Psychotherapy Certificate Program through the Institute of Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. I currently serve as a Sangha guide (meditation coach) for Boulder Insight Meditation Community members.