Clients interested in psychotherapy typically struggle with some kind of psychological pain like depression, anxiety, or stress. As a therapist, I’d like to help you find more than just relief from pain. I’d like to help you create a life that makes you happier. Rather than just talking, we will use mindfulness exercises to look at your experience from a new angle. My clients find that this “experiential” approach helps them gain the insight and relief they are looking for.

My style is compassionate, gentle, and forward thinking. I draw from cognitive-behavioral psychology, mindfulness, life coaching, and my own experience with personal transformation to offer an integrated approach that embraces all aspects of your being- physical, cognitive, emotional, and existential/spiritual. I have worked extensively with people with medical problems of many kinds, but I also work with people who have depression and anxiety unrelated to illness.

I see a limited number of clients, age 18 and up, which allows me to give you my very best and offer you highly personalized services.