You are the artist of your own life and as such you can find a way to create what you truly want. Personal transformation work covers a wide range of spiritual and personal growth goals and is focused on making some kind of shift in yourself or your life. Common goals are:

  • Finding purpose or meaning
  • More peace of mind
  • Feeling happier
  • Self-compassion
  • Feeling more authentic
  • Learning to meditate
  • Learning to relax

Growth can be difficult. We may tell ourselves that what we really want can’t be had or that it’s not important enough. We may wonder if we are being selfish. Sometimes we feel afraid, discouraged, or overwhelmed. But living a life in line with your true aspirations is a key to happiness.

As a client I invite you to see yourself and your life through the lens of mindfulness. We will work together to understand what you truly want, how to create it, and how to address internal barriers that may be standing in your way. We’ll discover how to work with your unique history and mental habits in order to foster your successful growth.

My style is compassionate, gentle, and forward thinking. I draw from Western psychology, mindfulness, life coaching, and my own experience with personal transformation to offer an integrated approach that embraces all aspects of your being- physical, cognitive, emotional, and existential/spiritual.

I see a limited number of clients, age 18 and up, which allows me to give you my very best and offer you highly personalized services.